The Amateur Video Scene in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand Amateur Videomakers are an internet based community of keen and creative video enthusiasts.

  2. Our mission is to encourage and promote amateur video producers and their work and to stimulate this medium of creative expression.

  3. We seek to represent the interests of many video clubs and individuals throughout the New Zealand, facilitating communications through the internet.

  4. If this is your first visit, dig in and see what people are up to. 

  5. The NZAV site is managed by the Auckland MovieMakers in the interest of video makers in New Zealand

  6. We have a page to help people with problems, there is a list of members equipment and software, if you are having a problem you can contact some one using what you are and they might be able to help you, to see page click here and go to the members page. If you would like to added to the group please contact the webmaster.

See the annual awards for AMM 2009

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